Please note that information shown on this page is far from conclusive proof of big cats on the loose in the UK. All it suggests at this time is that it may point to big cat evidence.(Editor)




















































































































Best Evidence Yet?

This photograph was taken in July 2007 in Derbyshire. The dry stone wall, which the animal was walking on, was three feet high. The larger stones in the wall are approximately 7 inches wide. Using this as a scale, that makes the cat at least 18 inches high and 3 feet long excluding tail, excessively big for a domestic cat. The picture was taken at a distance of 175 meters away.
It is either a hybrid animal or a young black leopard.


Below are all the pictures in sequence. All the pictures were taken with in two minutes. Judge for your self.



This ram was attacked in February this year (2006).
What killed it?
Having consulted experts I would have to say that a big cat was responsible.
This is the best evidence yet that I have come across.

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