Big cat knocked down and killed


By Paul Westwood
Big Cat Monitors.

On June 9, 2004, the Gazette & Herald based in North Yorkshire ran a story about a big cat that was knocked down and killed close to RAF Fylingdales.
The following is what I have managed to find out about the incident from extensive investigations.
The man who witnessed the incident worked for a pharmaceutical company, which delivers drugs to local Veterinary clinics in the area.
After he had witnessing the event, he called into a Veterinary clinic in Stanford Bridge.
He explained to the vet what he saw.
As he was approaching RAF Fylingdales on the North Yorkshire Moors, he saw a police vehicle parked next to a farmer's tractor. In the farmers bucket at the front of the tractor was a large sandy coloured cat of the Puma variety. As he slowed down to a halt next to the vehicles to get a better look, he saw the police loading the cat into the back of their vehicle. At that moment, a police officer walked over and told him to keep his mouth shut, they do not want to alarm the public. With that, the driver carried on to Stanford Bridge.
I have made extensive investigations in to this incident, most of which have drawn a blank.
The DEFRA laboratory near York has denied any knowledge of receiving the body of the cat. If the cat had been killed, it would seem that the most logical cause of action would be to take the body there, but if I am to believe DEFRA, then the body must be somewhere else.
The firm that employed the driver would not release his name or his whereabouts. He told his employers that he does not want to talk about the incident.
In my experience, when one sees something like this, you naturally want to talk about it. Why else would he have told the Vet?
I would have to say that the police have silenced this person. The question is which force? Was it North Yorkshire police or RAF Fylingdales police? The latter being the M.O.D police. The North Yorkshire constabulary have denied all knowledge, in fact, it was said that the area commander for North Yorkshire got rather aggressive with a reporter from the Ryedale express when questioned about their involvement. The M.O.D. police also denied all knowledge. In fact, the Inspector at Fylingdales asked me to report back if I discovered any relevant information.
I was soon to realise that it must have been the M.O.D. police who were involved.
I paid a visit to Fylingdales a few weeks after the incident. The police at the gatehouse told me that it was a bus that had knocked down the cat. How do they know this if they were not involved? I would say that if a large cat was killed close to RAF Fylingdales, then it would be the M.O.D. who would be the first to respond.
The question is, why have they covered it up?




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