About B.C.M

My interest in big cats started in the mid seventies when stories of large felines were reported roaming the countryside, little did I realise then that I would go on to develop a web site to monitor these creatures

The Big Cat Monitors web site was conceived in 2003 to put my keen interest to some practical use. I do not profess to be an organization or group as I run the web site by myself and with limited resources I have achieved goals way beyond my expectations.

I offer advice to people who seek information on big cats that they may have seen but I must stress that I have no formal qualifications in cat biology or behaviour but what I do offer is commonsense advice gleaned from respected literal sources.

When reports come in, I go out and investigate first hand if circumstances allow and make every effort possible to ascertain if a big cat has been spotted but most sightings turn out to be misidentifications. The vast majority of big cat sightings are of domestic animals, either black cats or dogs also the vast majority of livestock attacks are carried out by dogs. Black objects i.e. black cats can look bigger than they really are or at least lead people to overestimating their size.
The RAF realized this some years ago when they changed the colour of their training aircraft to black.




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