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Advice to farmers and hunters

If you suspect that your livestock are being killed by a big cat, do not go and actively hunt it with a view to killing it. Inform the police or myself instead and appropriate advice will be given.
If you fail to kill the cat, then you are going to have a far more dangerous animal on your hands. You may also be responsible for someone getting hurt or even worse still, killed.

What you should do if you meet a big cat.

Never approach a big cat, especially one that is feeding or with cubs. Most big cats will try to avoid confrontation. Always give them a way to escape. Don't run. Stay calm. Hold your ground, or back away slowly. Face the cat and stand upright, but don't look at it straight in the eyes. It may take this as a challenge. Do all you can to appear larger. Grab a stick. Raise your arms. If you have small children with you, pick them up. If the cat behaves aggressively, wave your arms, shout and throw objects at it. The goal is to convince it that you are not prey and may be dangerous yourself. If attacked, fight back!

Generally, big cats are calm, quiet, and elusive. The chance of being attacked by a big cat is quite low compared to many other natural hazards. There is, for example, a far greater risk of being struck by lightning than being attacked by a big cat. This will undoubtedly change if they are left to breed without control. The government need to take steps now to ensure no one is hurt or killed.

Truth and false

There are quite a few people out there that think that big cats in this country are of paranormal origin.
This is completely false. There is no connection with UFO's or any other paranormal activity.
The reason for the existence of big cats in the UK is the result of people keeping these big cats as exotic pets. When the 1976 dangerous wild animals act was brought in, many people could not meet the demands of the act, either due to the expense or lack of secure enclosures or public reaction to dangerous animals being kept as pets close to their homes. So consequently most of the big cats were released into to the wild illegally.

Evidence to look out for

If you see any paw prints like this please take a picture and send it to me at Please include location, date and time.

If you come across animal kills like this then please take some pictures and contact me at Please include location, date and time.

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