33 musicians on their favorite albums of the last 25 years


I had weird rules about recording and guitar until I listened to this album, I didn’t like using guitar effects, I had never used keyboards, things like that. I threw most of them out after spending time with dolphin love; It was perhaps the first time that I heard something contemporary with a lot of strange elements that did not strike me as shocking.

Since those days, I got to know Connan, played with him a lot and became friends. I love all of his music; please listen to this record. Thanks, Mr. Conch.

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Nicolas Godin (Air)

Daft punk Homework (1997)

From the last 25 years, there are a few records that I cherish. They all have in common an enormous freshness when I first heard them, and I will never forget those moments. My number one on the list is Homework by Daft Punk. At the time (January 1997), Paris was the place to be, and I was living in this maelstrom of energy and creativity. My dream was to make a classic album like the ones I grew up with, and suddenly my neighbors made it happen with basic home studio equipment in their bedroom. They really showed me the way and therefore changed my life forever. God bless them.

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Sharon van etten

by Portishead Roseland NYC Live (1998)

I first discovered Portishead at a record store called Vintage Vinyl in New Jersey in the summer of my freshman year in high school. I was listening to all kinds of music back then (Sonic Youth, Ani DiFranco, Liz Phair, Beastie Boys, Fatboy Slim), but there was something about Portishead that made me think of singing more than ever before. . I wasn’t yet a serious singer on my own, only in a choir, and Beth Gibbons summed up in my mind the image of something that I was starting to want to be. Dark, vulnerable, but tough. Sad, angry, sexy, all hypnotically woven together with live beats and strings and tasteful scratches. Beth was strong and austere in the middle of this ensemble and rose above it all with her bossy crystal voice, and I was lost in the songs from the start. From makeup sessions to long drives alone to SEO as the source of my own sonic palette, Portishead has been a beacon since my teenage years, and I thank them.


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