Andhra Pradesh: Pugmarks, tiger sighting puts forestry officials in dire straits


The reported detection of tiger-like pugmarks at Srungavarapukota (S. Kota) of Vizianagaram district has got the forest officers in deep trouble. They are now in a dilemma whether it is the same big cat that roams the forests that stretch between East Godavari and Vizianagaram districts.

Reported death of a cow and pugmarks found near Aithangapalem village in S. Kota on the Vizag-Araku road and reports of a tiger sighting near the Anakapalli-East Godavari border in the forests Those close to the Tandava reservoir have put forest officials on their toes.

“There was no confirmation that the pugmarks found at S. Kota were those of a tiger. As the ground was wet, it was not possible to confirm whether the pugmarks were of a leopard or a tiger. a tiger. However, we have set up camera traps and are monitoring them closely. No images have been captured in the camera traps so far. We cannot conclude anything unless we get visual confirmations,” said Ananth Shankar, MPO of Visakhapatnam. The Hindu.

Moreover, officials say it is not possible for a tiger to cover the distance of about 200 km between the Tandava region and S. Kota in two or three days.

“If the evidence on the ground supports sightings or images, only then can we confirm whether it is the same stray tiger in two different locations,” Mr Ananth Shankar said.

Forest officials say the tiger seen in East Godavari is not recorded in their list and could be an offspring that has grown into a sub-adult tiger now.

The tiger seen in East Godavari is a sub-adult and this is when it emerges from its mother’s lap to hunt on its own, officials said.

The camera traps yielded basic evidence of the presence of tigers. But official confirmation is awaited.

Meanwhile, residents of Kotauratla village in Anakapalli district said a buffalo was likely killed by a tiger on Wednesday. Forest officers from East Godavari and Visakhapatnam visited the site and inspected the carcass. They would also have found pugmarks.


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