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Frank Tunbridge is often approached for his expert opinion on big cats and other unusual wildlife sightings and as of September 17 he has received 25 reports of big cats across the country. On September 17, a couple returning from an auction stumbled upon a mysterious big cat near Bristol in the Forest of Dean.

The big cat was described as the same size as a Great Dane and compared it to the logo of sports brand Puma when the terrified couple saw the creature jump.

Since this sighting, Tunbridge has been puzzled by the large number of emails that are pouring in.

These reports vary on unusual animals seen that are not native to England.

While many include big cats, some report seeing wolves and even skunks.

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“With their lonely and secretive lifestyle, you have to be in the right place at the right time to see one.

“Then before you got over the shock of the meeting, they were gone in a flash, too late to even consider taking a picture because you can’t take your eyes off it right in front of you.”

“I am in the process of answering all the emails that have been sent to me.

“With so many people it might take a few days or so, thank you again to everyone who contacted me.

“Please contact me at [email protected] If you have more exciting encounters for me.


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