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Sam Aston, 30, was walking his dog when he saw the huge animal. He said the creature was black, had a long tail, and closely resembled a ghost cat seen in the area since the 1970s.

Mr Aston quickly took a photo of what he believed to be the beast and said he was certain the animal was not a dog, cow or any other type of domestic animal.

Explaining the sighting, he said: “It was around 11:45 am and I looked into a large empty field to my left and 200 or 300 yards away a black animal was running.

“I couldn’t figure out what it was, so I grabbed my phone and took a photo for identification.

“I’m a bit of a wildlife photographer and automatically went through a list – was it a dog, deer, cow? “

Speaking to the Daily Star, Mr Aston continued: “I started ticking these animals. He was running like a cat but there are no cats of this size in this country.

“He was the size of a big Labrador. He had a big long cock and I watched him run for about 10 seconds. And then it was gone.

“I know what I think it was, but the thought of seeing a big cat in the UK is very, very unlikely.

“I am a professional dog walker and I know what a running dog looks like. And dogs and cats run very differently.

“If it was a big cat, it was probably released years or decades ago.

“They are shy animals and do not seek conflict – I would be more than happy to return.”

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In May 2021, Lisa and Nathan Deere told The Sun that they had also seen the Beast of Exmoor.

They claimed they were 500 meters from the beast, believed to be a puma, as it passed through a field.

Ms Deere, 32, told the outlet: ‘It’s the size of an Alsatian. Looks like he has a longer tail than a normal cat. It was really big.

“We were in the middle of the field and it was quite far. If you put a domestic cat in it, the grass will likely cover it.

“It could be a puma. It’s one of those things – until you see it, you don’t believe it.


It was reported at the time that a neighbor had spotted him days earlier in the same field near Yeovil, Somerset, but Ms Deere was not convinced until she saw him as well.

Mr. and Mrs. Deere, 30, filmed the cat for a few minutes, which showed the creature prowling the field, stopping to listen before rushing away.

Ms Deere added, “He was just crossing the field. I don’t know where he lives or if it’s in one of the local woodlands.

“Obviously it was a shock to see it, but at the same time you are half waiting for it because you want to see it for yourself.

“I don’t know cats well enough to know if it’s officially a puma. It is certainly not a domestic cat and it is bigger than a fox.

The Beast of Exmoor is a mythical big cat that is said to roam the moors between North Devon and West Somerset, called Exmoor.

It was speculated that following the Dangerous Wildlife Act of 1976 which prohibited keeping dangerous wild animals without a permit, there were potentially large cats released by their owners in the countryside.

Creatures such as pumas are notoriously elusive and can easily hide in a large rural area, experts say.


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