Big Game Hunter dies after Zombie Deer returns from the dead


Halloween is almost here, as is general rifle season. So why not share a story that involves a bit of both? A story that will haunt you while you hunt. The story of a deer hunter who died after a deer he had shot attacked him.

It all happened in 2019 in Arkansas. A 66-year-old hunter shot a deer with a muzzle-loading pistol. They have no idea how long the hunter has given the deer to “breathe out”. But, when the hunter was found, he had multiple puncture wounds from the antlers.

According to KY3

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission said it was not clear whether Alexander died of the puncture injuries or some other cause, such as a heart attack.

Even with gun season upon us here in Montana. It is wise to let a deer lay for 10 to 20 minutes before approaching it. Personally, I have found myself in similar situations. With all the excitement of catching a deer or an elk, I approached them too soon. Not giving them enough time to breathe out. Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks teaches students in hunter safety classes to slowly approach a downy animal. I have always been taught to ram the slaughtered animal into the butt with the barrel of my rifle. I was also taught, to make sure the animal is completely exhaled, to bite their eye. If they are blinking, be prepared to take a step back. You don’t want to take the risk of scaring him or even facing the fate of this poor hunter.

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