CFL Fantasy: 108th Gray Cup start vs sit


The 2021 CFL season is ending the same way it started 18 weeks ago, as Hamilton sets out to prove himself against defending Gray Cup champion Winnipeg. Only this time, it’s in front of his home fans and with championship aspirations on the line.

Sunday’s 108th Gray Cup presents a thrilling conclusion to a season filled with the usual twists and turns. CFL Fantasy fans still have a chance to build a winning lineup before next June.

As is our tradition, we offer fantasy users a suggested start and seat for both teams, so enough rambling and let’s go one last time.

Establish your roster for the 108th Gray Cup
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Winnipeg (11-3-0) at Hamilton (8-6-0)
Sunday, 6 p.m. ET

Line: Winnipeg (-2.5)
Over / Under: 45.0

Start: Darvin Adams, WR, Blue Bombers, salary $ 5,689

Andrew Harris ($ 8,120) and Kenny Lawler ($ 8,520) are obvious choices, so let’s go against the grain here and look at Adams, who only had two receptions in the World Cup final win. ‘West last week against Saskatchewan, but is tailor-made to rise in the big games.

Injuries kept Adams from playing like the former All-Star he is, but Lawler’s presence and the emergence of Rasheed Bailey ($ 7,171) put Adams on the back burner. Still, he produced six games of at least 10 fantastic points in the regular season, with a 16.3 FP record against Edmonton in Week 7.

Although he didn’t register a 100-yard game in the regular season, Adams is still late to step up and deliver an elite-level performance. Keep in mind the connection he and Zach Collaros ($ 8,743) made in Winnipeg’s 2019 title race and in a game where everything relies on him, it’s a safe bet that Adams will get more. than the two goals he achieved on Sunday.

The Gray Cup is teeming with standout performances, as Harris, Lawler and Collaros arrive with the lights on them, there’s a feeling here that Adams is poised to make his name part of championship lore.

Headquarters: Nic Demski, WR, Blue Bombers, salary of $ 7,155

Hamilton allowed a minimum of 4.2 yards per carry and just eight rushing majors during the regular season. Demski is obviously an unrecognized part of Winnipeg’s ground game, but the Tiger-Cats will be sitting on the West Division all-star team, who is always in danger of taking a sweep roll if they don’t line up. not occasionally in the backfield.

Stopping Andrew Harris is the No.1 priority for the Ticates, who still remember how the future Hall of Fame trimmed them for 134 yards and a major on 18 carries in the 2019 Gray Cup. Yet if the Blue Bombers want a change of pace, this will likely turn to Demski, who likes to open up under the blanket. He was able to do it in the opener of the regular season, capturing five passes for 70 yards in the 19-6 win on August 5, but the bet here is that Hamilton will be focusing on slowing Demski down as well.

The Tiger-Cats have only allowed nine passes over 30 yards in the regular season, so they’ll bet on their corners to control the big plays as the safeties focus on supporting the effort to contain Harris and, in to a lesser extent, Demski.

Don Jackson and Ticats will be in trouble if they have big plans to throw the ball against the Bombers on Sunday (The Canadian Press)

Start: Brandon Banks, WR / RS, Tiger-Cats, $ 7,272 Salary

Quietly, Banks has produced at least 10 fantastic points in five of his last seven games, hitting 9.3 and 9.1 FP in the other two. Ticates fans – and fantastic Banks users – haven’t seen a Banks Tour de Force performance in 2021 and there’s this feeling that Sunday is Speedy B night won’t disappoint.

A breakthrough from Banks means Evans will break expectations and play against a pass defense from Winnipeg that ranks at the top of the league in almost every major category, while registering 39 sacks. Keep in mind that Banks made eight catches for 77 yards in the Week 1 loss to the Bombers, which adds up to 15.7 FP that most fantasy users would take.

There is still the potential for Banks to get a carryover and while Papi White ($ 3,331) wins an East final that saw him deliver a 92-yard punt return for a major, Banks’ threat as a specialist. of the return increases its value.

Sitting: Don Jackson, RB, Tiger-Cats, salary of $ 8,338

You’re not going to run on Winnipeg. I repeat: you are not going to run on Winnipeg. Just to be clear, let’s cry out to our French fans: You’re not going to run in Winnipeg.

Jackson was able to run against Toronto, racking up 95 yards in the East’s final victory. He was a staple of Hamilton’s journey to the Gray Cup, recording 375 rushing yards in his last five games. Still, he ran into a granite wall in the Blue Bombers’ defense that all but wiped out William Powell in the final three quarters of the West’s final victory. Winnipeg has allowed just six major rushing tournaments in the regular season and has led the league with 5.1 yards against per game, meaning Hamilton will have to face a crowd of second and longest if that’s their urge to. throw Jackson on the first try.

The Tiger-Cats won’t be afraid to establish Jackson, but if they can’t – or if Winnipeg takes the lead early and forces Hamilton out of the race, they’ll learn first-hand that you’re not running … aw, you know the rest.


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