Fat cat roaming free as grandparents film terrifying encounter with “panther”


Grandparents Eddie and Susie, who have four children and three grandchildren, say they saw the big cat from their bedroom window prowling in a field

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Norfolk: a “big cat” seen prowling in the field

A big cat is roaming free in a rural village as the grandparents film their terrifying encounter with the “panther”.

Shocking footage appears to show a panther-like beast stalking Monday in a field near Eddie and Susie Williamson’s house.

Eddie and Susie, who have four children and three grandchildren, say they spotted the big cat from their bedroom window around 2:30 p.m.

Eddie, 52, claims he zoomed in on it with a pair of binoculars – and it looked like a man-eating panther.

He said: “If I had walked a dog and found out about this, I would have been worried, let’s put it that way.

The big cat was spotted by grandparents Eddie and Susie near King’s Lynn in Norfolk


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“I wasn’t scared because I was upstairs in my room but I thought about the kids because they come home from school at 3pm.

“He’s definitely a panther, not a tortoiseshell cat.”

The couple who live in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, say they spotted the animal in the afternoon.

Eddie, who cannot work for medical reasons, said: “It happened around 2:30 pm yesterday and we saw it from our bedroom window which overlooks the fields.

“My wife said to me: ‘Look out the window, there is a big cat walking along the field!’

Pictures appear to show a panther-like beast stalking through a field


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Grandparents Eddie and Susie claim they filmed the “panther” meeting


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“I thought she was kidding so I got up to watch and it was huge.

“I took out my binoculars and took a close-up and it certainly wasn’t a house cat.

“I could see his tail, it was quite thick and long and had a hoop at the end.

“The closest thing I would tell him is a panther.

“I saw a panther in a zoo and this is the closest thing I would say to what it was.

“It was black, a real good-sized cat.”

The couple say they did not report the sighting to police


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The couple did not report the sighting to police.

Eddie added, “We didn’t think about it, really. We just swiped it up and put it on Facebook.”

He suggested that there were plenty of pheasants and deer living nearby for the so-called panther to feast on.

Recent figures show that sightings of big cats have actually declined in Norfolk.

A Freedom Of Information Act request found that Norfolk Constabulary received 96 reports of big cat sightings between 2010 and 2020.

The peak year for sightings was 2013, when there had been 19 reports, but only one person called the police last year to report a large cat.

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