Focus on the success of Kirby Smart on the transfer portal


As college football transitions from spring training to summer, many will focus primarily on the transfer gate. Players across the country had until Sunday to officially submit an application to their respective school to access the portal and be eligible for the 2022 season; while the school may take a few days to submit a player’s name, it seems most of the dust has settled when it comes to this year’s registrations.

As of May 3, the Georgia Bulldogs have avoided major portal losses. Since the start of the spring, Georgia has brought five players into the portal: offensive linemen Owen Condon (which was transferred to SMU), Amarius Mims and clay canvas (undecided); defensive lineman Tymon Mitchell (TCU) and defensive back Jehlen Cannady (undecided). Mims toured Florida State before finally deciding to stay in Georgia.

Now that the players have entered the portal, the question is who – if any – Georgia brings from the portal.

The Bulldogs’ scholarship count is unclear at this point. The team has, by our calculations, 89 scholarship players after post-spring departures, although some of the true freshmen might not be scholarship players in their freshman year. Georgia could also potentially use an advanced counter or two on signers rather than potential transfers, bringing them closer to the 85 scholarship limit required by the NCAA.

It’s hard to predict what the calculations will ultimately look like, but it seems reasonable to assume that Georgia will always try to add more talent through the portal. Using this off-season tactic to bolster the roster is nothing new for Smart Kirby and company, and since setting up the portal in October 2018, the Bulldogs have added eight players over three seasons.

For programs like Georgia, the portal will usually take more than it gives given the amount of talent already loaded onto the roster. Those who compete for playing time but cannot earn it or even players who are simply looking for a different opportunity will often be transferred, as we saw shortly after the 2021 season when eight players – including the former starting quarterback JT Daniels — entered the portal.

Still, Georgia has added a decent amount of talent from the portal over the past few years. Let’s review who the Bulldogs added during this time and what they brought to the table in Athens:


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