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To callOway County“We have pretty high expectations this year,” said head coach Brad Cleaver. “The Cats’ Pause placed us sixth in the preseason, and I think that’s a great motivation for our baseball club, especially with the hard work they’ve put in since last March.”

The Lakers have lost two of their main contributors, leading scorer Evan Garrison (14.5 points per game) and Jackson Chapman (8.1 points per game), but they return senior forwards Matthew Ray (14.2 points per game). ) and Zach Hudgin (10.3 points per game).

Cleaver wants to launch a fast attack, and the ability of his players to shoot is a big factor.

LISTING2 Kolt Bazzell G So.

32 Elliott Frederick F Sr.

Marshall CountyCole Mills (10.4 points per game) is the Marshals’ only returning player with a double-digit score, but will be ready for a breakout season this winter. Along with Mills, Marshall County will look to Quinn Smith (8.7 ppg), Colby Schroader (6.7 ppg) and Cole Sedlock (4.1 ppg).

Newcomers and under-the-radar players to watch include Guards Wade Moore and Trey Wall and forwards Hunter Wallace and Orrin Phelps.

“I hope this year will be a lot better, with fewer distractions,” said head coach Terry Birdsong. “We only played 22 games in total last year and had two 11-day breaks between games. Also, like other teams, we had guys in and out of the rotation. The kids know there is always the possibility of interruptions, but I hope it won’t be as big an issue for us as it was last season.

LISTING0/35 Colby Schroader 6’3 F / C 12

4 Hunter Anderson 5’10 G 11

12 Jack Thompson 6’1 G / F 11

15 Logan Davis 5’9 G 11

22 Quinn Smith 6’4 G / F 11

23 Smothered greenhouse 6’1 F 12

24 Wallace Hunter 6’4 F 11

31 Chase Binkley 6’1 G / F 11

32 Kole Sedlock 6’3 F / C 12

33 Logan Parker 6’4 F 10

34 Orrin Phelps 6’2 F / C 10

42 Jacob Wilson 6’5 C 11

“We’re bringing a lot of guys back,” Murray head coach Dior Curtis said. “We only lost two seniors last season. We want to try to get back to the All “A” state. Our district is really tough with Calloway and Marshall, and we want to try to win our district, get to the area and be able to compete and win another regional championship.

Curtis is excited about the group he’s returning to make those hopes come true.

The Tigers regain their top scorer from last year with junior guard Grant Whitaker (20.6 points per game) as well as senior forward Trey Boggess (10.8 points per game). Even with the losses of Charqwan McCallister (11.6 points per game) and Gabe Taylor (9.6 points per game) until graduation, Curtis is confident in what he has to work with this year, with particular with its actors.

LISTING14 Aiden Armstrong F

Christian communityChristian Fellowship returns a loaded list that sees only one contributor going to graduation in custody Andrew Allen. Head coach Tyler Ryan and the Eagles will be tasked with replacing Allen’s team manager at 16.8 points per game as well as a runner-up at 6.6 strokes per game.

Despite the loss, CFS is poised to see a number of players step up and embrace the motto “the next man in place” as they seek to earn the respect of their peers in the district.

Senior goalie Isaac Hovekamp and senior forward Luke Grigg will look to lead the squad while junior Andrew Dunning is expected to pick up where he left off as a 15.8 points per game scorer in 2020-21.

In addition to this seasoned varsity trio, eighth-grader Elijah Grigg will also see increased playing time at the varsity level after playing himself in the rotation as the team’s fifth-leading scorer with 4.1 points. per game.

LISTING10 Austin Burnes Jr.

5 Andrew Dunning F, G Jr.


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