Gujarat: A leopard spotted near the diamond exchange in the city of Surat


A leopard was spotted in a residential company near the Surat Diamond Bourse in Khajod on Saturday.

Forest department officials said the three-year-old leopard was spotted by local resident Bhikhubhai Patel in the front lawn of his house in Kui Residential Society.

Bhikhubhai Patel transmitted images and videos of the leopard captured by CCTV cameras installed in front of his house to his neighbors to warn them of the presence of the wild animal. He also informed the forest service.

After receiving the information, a team of forestry officers arrived on the scene early Saturday morning and set up a cage. However, another cage was installed later that afternoon.

Deputy Forest Conservator Puneet Nayyar said: “Soon after receiving information about the leopard, our teams arrived on site and inspected the entire area. Our teams have also advised residents not to panic and to stay at home. They were also advised to carry wooden sticks and walk in groups on their outings. We assume the leopard is a female and she may be around three years old. Our teams are also carrying out a survey in the area in search of pug marks. We have CCTV footage in which the big cat can be clearly seen near a car and the stairs of a house.

He further added: “The leopard may have come from a nearby taluka in search of food and water. This is the second leopard sighting incident in Surat city. In 2017, a leopard was spotted on the CGSB campus near Dumas. We try to catch the leopard.


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