Husky’s ‘priceless’ reaction to cat trying to catch bird on TV goes viral


A husky has gone viral after showing a serious “sidelong eye” when its owner’s kitten attempted to grab a nearby bird.

The problem being that the bird was actually on the TV rather than in the room, with the young cat leaping across the screen with predictably dire results.

At the time of check-in, the husky was in the middle of a well-deserved dog nap.

However, as the pictures show, the sound of his companion cat crashing into the wall-mounted TV before falling to the ground was more than enough to wake him from his sleep.

After looking down to check on the status of his furry friend, the dog turned to exchange a look with the person filming the clip which said so much without saying anything at all.

The images were first revealed after being shared on Twitter by Dutch animal lover Buitengebieden. At the time of writing, the video has been viewed over 575,000 times.

It’s actually from the Husky__Blue Instagram account, which chronicles the life and adventures of a 3-year-old husky named Blue who lives in San Diego with his owners.

According to Blue’s Insta’s bio, he was rescued from an animal shelter in October 2018.

Fans who flocked to the viral tweet quickly understood Blue’s hilarious reaction to the kitten’s crash landing.

MissBilious praised Blue’s “perfect impassive” expression, calling her “a face that says ‘I’m a little worried about this cat'”. cute.”

Elsewhere, 2020eScribbles imagined Blue saying something like, “Aren’t you going to do something about this hooman?” while realranjsingh thought the husky was probably thinking, “We talked about it and it keeps happening. I’m not angry, just disappointed”

Redwardprice719 was also in awe of the husky’s response, writing, “Lord help me, because I just read a dog’s mind. And I agree with the dog.” Nhmtnbkr1 also spoke for many with his response, which simply read: “The expression of the Husky is priceless.”

News week has contacted Husky__Blue owners for comment.

While Blue seems happy to tolerate his feline friend’s antics, huskies and cats have a notoriously choppy relationship.

According to Intelligent dog, all this is due to breeding, instincts and evolution. Huskies were sled dogs “bred to withstand the extremely harsh conditions of the cold northern regions” where food was “scarce”.

“This food shortage caused Huskies to evolve to attack any small animal that could be food for dogs,” they explained. “The Husky’s prey is instinct, so it is impossible to ‘unlearn’ his desire to hunt cats.”

This isn’t the first time a dog’s reaction to the chaos around him has won fans on social media.

A golden retriever caused a stir on Twitter earlier this year after its owner captured his dog’s hilarious reaction when he was caught stealing food.

Elsewhere, another dog captured hearts on social media with his affectionate reaction to a cat who interrupted the dog’s nap to slip into a hug.

Image of a husky and a cat – a Siberian husky named Blue won new fans with his reaction to a calamitous cat.
Pryanett / Getty


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