Identify the quiz on wild cats


1# Everyone should be able to name this particular wildcat!

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  • A lion fault✓
  • B. Tiger fault✓

2# This cat is known for the distinctive spots on its skin.


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  • A. Panther fault✓
  • B. Leopard fault✓

3# Found in southern Africa, this unusual looking cat is found in large numbers. It is distinctly different from the more popular wild cats.


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  • A. Serval fault✓
  • B. Cheetah fault✓

4# This cat might look adorable with his ear tufts, but he’s a pretty effective killer. Usually hunter of birds and small prey, it is found in Africa, India and the Middle East. Can you name him?


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  • A. Ocelot fault✓
  • B. Caracal fault✓

5# Found in the jungles, this big cat loves being near water, basking on tree branches by rivers!


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  • A. Panther fault✓
  • B. Jaguar fault✓

6# Found in the Mediterranean scrubland, this wild cat has come close to extinction. Can you name this cat?

Iberian Lynx

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  • A. Iberian Lynx fault✓
  • B. Margay fault✓

7# This animal is often referred to as a mountain lion or cougar. Do you know the name by which it is most commonly known?


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  • A. Puma fault✓
  • B. Jaguar fault✓

8# Found in the mountains of South and Central Asia, these animals have adapted to extremely cold climates. They are also endangered at the moment. Can you guess their name?

Snow leopards

Image credit: iStock

  • A. Asian cheetahs fault✓
  • B. Snow leopards fault✓

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