Legendary fat cat filmed in broad daylight during compelling sighting


The video was taken by a worker who wishes to remain anonymous, but said he was bigger than a normal cat after seeing him from a distance of around 40 meters.

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Northumberland: a large black cat seems to roam the field

A legendary feline that has been spotted countless times has now been captured on video in one of the most compelling sightings to date.

The footage appears to show a large black cat walking through a farmer’s field in a rural part of Northumberland.

The video was taken by a worker who wishes to remain anonymous, but he told ChronicleLive he “must have been bigger” than a normal cat after seeing it from a distance of around 40 meters.

It shows the black animal prowling in a cultivated field in the countryside.

There have been countless sightings of the ‘Tynedale black cat’ in the region and beyond.

It is not known exactly what the animal is, but it looks big and moves like a cat.

Tynedale’s legendary black cat filmed


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In the past, wildlife experts have said there is no reason not to believe big cat sightings in the area.

A resident said she saw Tynedale’s black cat staking deer in a field behind an estate in 2008 – and she was not alone.

Two other people said they saw the animal in the same year, and there was even a sighting in downtown Hexham, Northumberland.

Another sighting of the animal was reported by a motorist driving in the early hours of the morning in 2019, while people also reported sighting a large cat in Oakwood and Slaley Forest.

Is this the Puma Durham?


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Experts have said it could be a lynx, puma, or even a hybrid from an animal released into the wild by its owner.

Elsewhere, pumas have been sighted near Alnwick and Rothbury, while two girls have previously reported a black cat in the grounds of Alnwick Castle.

Witnesses include filmmaker Georgina Kiedrowski who produced a documentary for Tyne Tees Television after spotting a large black animal while driving on the A1 near Darlington

She was enticed into making the film after reporting the incident to the police and being told it was a common occurrence.

Further afield, one of the northeast’s most famous sightings of a big cat was taken by photographer Philip Nixon at St John’s Chapel in County Durham, who actually took a photo of the so-called Durham Puma in 1992.

This image, Ian said, is a real sighting although it is still not known what the animal actually was.

Philip captured the image of a large, reddish-brown cat-like creature, the size of a border collie, with a rabbit in its jaws.

He was said to have a very long tail that curved upward as he moved.

The Mirror reported how a large cat was spotted in Derbyshire in November this year, which sparked a police search.

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