Leopard spotted on Rail Wheel Factory campus

A leopard was spotted at Railway wheel factory campus at Yelahanka Saturday evening. Sources said the leopard snuck into campus overnight and was caught in the CCTV.

When security personnel checked the footage on Sunday, they learned of the feral cat’s existence inside campus.

Forest Department officials were alerted who placed a cage inside the campus. But RWF officials said since the on-camera sighting there have been no sightings of the leopard. As the leopard might hide, the forestry staff are on high alert and people have been asked to keep an eye out.

According to experts, leopards have always wandered around bangalore, but are now seen due to the widespread use of CCTV. Experts said that since these big cats stay well hidden, they are not easy to spot. In areas of high human density, they are largely nocturnal and therefore may escape unseen. Leopards are generally shy, so they avoid people. It is better to leave them alone and not crowd around them.

Savage Defender slain

A wild elephant was killed when it was hit by a BMTC bus near BM Kaval on the way to Kanakapura on Friday evening. Forestry officials said the elephant headed towards BM Kaval from Bannerghatta in search of food.

During the impact of the accident with the elephant, the window of the bus cracked.

The elephant crossed the road and escaped into the dark. When Forest Department officials began the search operation on Saturday, they found the elephant’s body 150 yards from the crash site.

Sources said this elephant was spotted last week near UM Kaval as it entered the fields.


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