Man’s dog attacked by ‘big cat’ in Ten Mile Bank


A man has taken to social media to warn others of a big cat sighting after his dog, described as an ‘XXL bulldog’, was attacked.

Shaun Langley has posted photos of his dog on Facebook after the Ten Mile Bank attack near Downham.

He also posted photos of large paw prints and collar damage with teeth marks.

The bulldog is now on the mend but has medication and antibiotics to prevent infection.

No felines were harmed or attacked in the incident by the landowners.

Mr. Langley and his brother saw the animal run away.

He said: “Hi guys, just a warning status for anyone in the area walking their pet or going out.

“A big black cat attacked my XXL bulldog Dreago, just outside our field yard.

“I can’t tell you if that cat was a lynx, a cougar or a panther, but he was fucking big.

“You don’t know if anything has been released to keep the deer down?

Shaun Langley spotted the big cat outside his lot (54425852)

“But please be careful and careful everyone.”

Mr Langley said: “The attack was unfolding when I got home, as it was dark around 9.30pm my brother had called me to say my dog ​​was under attack.

“All you could see were green eyes and it was so feline and it moved like a cat.

“He circled around my dog ​​and kept trying to reach his neck.

“They were rolling on the floor and my dog ​​was screaming.

“My dog ​​is over 50kg and quite muscular, this thing was bigger than him.

“The footprints in the mud and the teeth marks in the collar were confirmed to belong to a big cat.

“The one who attacked my dog ​​was black as a panther, it was not a lynx, which we have around here.

“A zoologist was called to confirm what we were dealing with.”

Apparently the police have been called, they have been contacted for comment.

The report comes after a ‘panther’ was spotted by a couple in Terrington St Clement, as reported by the Mirror late last year.

The couple have been contacted for comment.


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