Mountain Lion reports confirmed in Pittsburg County


A report of a mountain lion was first confirmed in Pittsburg County.

In recent months, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife (ODWC) has confirmed several sightings of cougars in the state.

The most recent was in Pittsburg County, although the ODWC did not give a specific location.

The Wildlife Service has shared photos of a fat cat’s tracks.

Biologists say they believe it was male due to the size of the track and his 53-inch stride.

A puma was confirmed on the same property in September 2020.

Even though there are sightings of pumas, the Department of Wildlife says Oklahoma is not a base for big cats and still considers them a transient species.

They are known to travel hundreds of kilometers in some cases.

Biologists say there is no breeding population in the state, they have not been able to verify a female with kittens or a female that has been reproductively active in our state.

But they say it’s only a matter of time before it happens and until then everyone spotted here is just passing by, biologists say.

Biologists have also confirmed sightings this year in Ottawa and Cimmaron counties.

The ODWC asks anyone with evidence of a puma or sighting to report it on the department’s puma reporting page.


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