A rare glimpse into the secret life of the African leopard and a trio of Asian cats are carving out a life never before seen – until now – in the forests of Thailand

The celebration of 40 years of amazing and groundbreaking wildlife achievements continues with the 11and Big Cat Month is entering its third week. This year’s fare also celebrates the conservation work of acclaimed local big cat filmmakers Derek and Beverly Joubert.

This Emmy-winning couple have made 35 films for National Geographic and, through the Big Cat Initiative, have partnered with some of the world’s leading big cat experts since they founded The Big Cat Initiative in 2009. .

This week, the two shows selected to be part of Big Cat Month include a rare and intimate film, Eye of the Leopard, by the Jouberts, about a small leopard, called Legadema, which they watch grow and transform from a mischievous cub to seasoned. hunter. Leopards are secretive and rare, a movie like this is a gift for those who want to learn more about these elusive creatures that have so often found themselves on the wrong side of a farmer’s gun and are so rarely seen on a game .drive that they have become legendary.

On the other side of the world, in the forests of Thailand, lives a trio of cats, as discreet and rare to spot as the African leopard. The wild cats of Thailand follow the clouded leopard, the Asian fisher cat and the king of the Asian jungles, the tiger, as they carve out territory, find mates and thrive in what’s left of their habitat.

Big cats face great challenges. Many populations are threatened with extinction due to habitat loss, degradation and conflict with humans. In response, the National Geographic Society, with its long history of raising awareness of the plight of big cats and supporting impactful conservation efforts across the planet, has partnered with the Big Cats Initiative. This initiative works with some of the world’s leading big cat experts, funding innovative field research and conservation projects to protect big cats and their critical habitats, while leading efforts to shed light on the challenges facing these species are confronted.

Set the timer for more crazy premieres this weekend:

Wildcats of Thailand – Saturday, February 19 at 6:00 p.m.

Hidden in the Thai jungle lies an ancient kingdom, the last refuge for Thailand’s wild cats. Hunters atop, almost invisible, they bide their time as they search for prey, pursue their mates and protect their young. In this tangled forest, a world of drama and unbridled power awaits the clouded leopard, the Asian fishing cat and the king of the jungle, the tiger.

Eye of the Leopard (Revealed) – Sunday, February 20 at 6:00 p.m.

National Geographic filmmakers Derek and Beverly Joubert set out to create a film about leopards but never imagined they would be wowed by an eight-day-old cub named Legadema. Eye of the Leopard follows Legadema’s journey from a mischievous bear cub to a skilled huntress. Reported by Jeremy Irons.

Watch Big Cat Month on DSTV: Channel 182 or StarSat: 221 on DTH, 210 on TNT (250 on TNT in Uganda).

Learn more about the Big Cats Initiative and how you can help protect big cats in the wild by visiting


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