Newport Beach neighborhood put on high alert after mountain lions spotted roaming; large tranquilized cat, moved from the area

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (KABC) — A mountain lion spotted wandering through a Newport Beach neighborhood on Friday afternoon was eventually captured by authorities, but not before putting residents on high alert.

Newport Beach Police have established a perimeter after the puma was spotted around the 1900 block of Port Cardigan Place in the Port Streets community.

Nearby Andersen Elementary School was notified of the sighting to ensure pupils were safe.

Police have urged residents to bring all pets indoors as a precaution.

Newport Beach Police Animal Control and California Department of Fish and Wildlife officers assisted in the search. Authorities used drones and focused their search in the Bonita Canyon Drive and MacArthur Boulevard area, going house to house in search of the animal.

The animal was eventually located in the backyard of one of the neighborhood homes and was tranquilized by authorities.

“I looked in the garden and I saw a tree rustling, and I looked, and low and behold, a mountain lion is in my garden,” the owner said. “And my dogs are barking, trying to get out, and I just called 911, and they knew he was in the yard.”

Home surveillance video captured the puma wandering the driveway and porch of a home. The video also shows the animal with what appears to be a tracking collar.

The puma could be M317, the same collared cat spotted earlier this month in Laguna Beach, and at an Irvine mall in March, authorities say.

Officials say these cougars usually come out at night, and this one is likely looking for a good place to nap before roaming the area.

“The presence of a mountain lion or other wildlife in this area can be attributed to the recent Laguna Beach Coastal Fire, which displaced wildlife from their natural habitat,” a statement from the city of Newport said Friday. Beach.

Officials remind the public that these big cats live in the area and, if spotted, be sure to stay away and alert authorities.

Fish and wildlife officials say the cougar will be relocated to suitable habitat.

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