Nine Atlantic City Friends Team Up to Make Documentary During COVID-19 Pandemic | Local News


“We believed in each other,” Martin said of the fact that they were able to host their event within five months of its conception.

They finally settled on August 26 in the carousel room of the Showboat. One of the things they wanted in the room were chandeliers, which the room had, Martin said.

Through a local effort that included social media, 81 people showed up to the “Redonkulous Reminiscence” while the group expected only 50 participants. Fifteen people and one dog were honored at an event where people came from as far away as Maryland and Pennsylvania to be there.

“It was more of a celebration,” Queen said of the event originally conceived as a memorial service.

Each of the 15 tables has been decorated to reflect the personality of the honoree, be it their favorite colors, sports teams, animals or career, said Fields.

During the original 3-hour event, time was set aside for those in the room to speak into an open microphone and say anything they wanted to say about the lifeless people they knew.

“We were seeing generations of family members. It was like a big family reunion. It was so much bigger than us,” Fields said.

Last year’s 3-hour celebration of life boiled down to a 105-minute documentary. Eleven people, who attended the memorial service, were interviewed for the documentary. All nine of Team Redonkulous were involved in the film in one way or another, Fields said.


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