Only puzzle prodigies can spot a strange lion in an optical illusion


We would be lion if we said that this optical illusion was easy.

In fact, this animal-based optical illusion, in which the goal is to spot the strange lion among the pride, is very tricky.

[Warning: Spoilers Below]

According to the Sun, only above-average puzzlers can solve this hugely fun puzzle, which was created by betting site Casumo in honor of the British women’s football team – named the Lionesses – who achieved the Euro 2022 semi-finals this week.

In keeping, the illustration features 43 lions wearing football shirts and headbands with some of the big cats balancing footballs. However, one of these basking predators is not like the others when it comes to its coloring (including the tail).

One of these lionesses is not like the others.

You don’t know which one? No Fear: Casumo provides a handy answer key, which reveals that Simba, who loves football and is seated fourth from left in the bottom row, is the odd lioness as she is the only red one with a tan tail.

These wildlife-related “Where’s Waldo” have become all the rage lately. In another animal-themed puzzle earlier this month, viewers were challenged to find the baby chicken hidden among the bunnies in 30 seconds. Meanwhile, anyone who can find the snake in this illusion in 15 seconds will apparently break a world record.

Luckily, the odd lioness is identified with this handy answer key.
Luckily, the odd lioness is identified with this handy answer key.

Optical illusions like this are often simply intended as a mild diversion from the stresses of modern life – but they also have real scientific value for medical professionals. These puzzles are credited with helping researchers shed light on the complex inner workings of the human mind and how it responds to its environment.

Dr Gustav Kuhn, a psychologist and expert in human perception at Goldsmiths University in London, once told The Sun that illusions are important to our understanding of the brain: “We usually take perception for granted and rarely think about the hard work that goes into it. underpins everyday tasks, like seeing a cup of coffee in front of you.


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