‘Poisonous’ and ‘dangerous’ plants to avoid if you have cats – expert advice


The arrival of the British summer for many people means more hours spent in their garden, enjoying the extra daylight and warmth. But it’s not just humans who love going outside, as temperatures are starting to rise again. It is believed that around a quarter of the adult population in Britain owns a cat. So how can you help turn your garden into a feline paradise?

Most experts insist that the first step to creating a feline-friendly garden starts with security, like your fence.

This is especially important if you live near busy roads or farmland, as cats are famously curious animals.

Paul Trott, UK marketing manager at Catit, told Express.co.uk: “As we move into spring and summer, your cat can spend more and more time outdoors.

“Keeping your garden secure with fences, gates and cat flaps is therefore equally important, so you can enjoy spring and summer knowing your feline friend is as safe as possible.”

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Catnip is a perennial that is very easy to grow and low maintenance, so it makes a great addition to your home garden.

Although valerian dies to the ground in winter, it always reappears in spring, making it perfect for longer, sunnier days spent playing outside.

If that’s not enough, Cuevas recommended planting thyme, sage, sunflower, lemon balm, petunias, cilantro and snapdragons to encourage your cat to venture outside.

Aside from plants, making sure your garden has shaded areas will also help build positive feelings between your pet and the outdoor space.

The vet said: “During the hotter summer months you should ensure your cat has access to a shaded area all day.

“Some garden plants provide natural shade, but since the availability of shade changes throughout the day from morning to night, we need to ensure that shade is always available.

“Cardboard, fabric and wood are all on the list of materials you can use to create additional shade around the garden.”

And if you really want to go the extra mile for your feline friend, you can always introduce a water fountain.

Investing in one of these will help encourage your cat to drink more and prevent the risk of dehydration during the hot summer months.


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