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The site where it all happened. Photo via Bham Now

On Saturday October 3, Birmingham resident William Davis said he spotted a Black Puma while at True Story Brewing. Many Crestwood residents have expressed concern over the possible sighting. Some are skeptical. Whether you’re a skeptic or a curious cat about this sighting, we’ve got all the information you need.

Big cats? Oh my!

Bham now chat
This little kitty is not the puma, but she thinks she is! Photo by Jacob Blankenship for Bham Now

It’s pretty cool to see a big black cat sighting, especially in town! When hung at True Story Brewing, Davis claims to have seen the black puma walking along the back wall of Crestwood Mall.

“Huge! I was not alone, seen by others too. Watch your critters and your children! Scary!”

William Davis, Creswood resident, quoted in CBS42

We’ve spoken to Craig and Anna, the owners of True Story Brewing, and they say they trust Davis’ statement. In fact, their next beer will be named after the puma. In honor of this sighting, they’re going to have puma patio watch parties for all the cool cats. Don’t miss it!

Hi everyone, cool puma cats

in front of a true story brewing co
Go downstairs for beers and pumas. Photo by Beth Cunningham for Bham Now

CBS42 has also reached out to Big Cat Rescue CEO and Tiger King star Carole Baskin for full information on the big cats.

So does Baskin think this sighting is a black puma? Baskin says William may not have spotted a puma because he’s not black. It could have looked black since it was dark.

FUN FACT: The big cats native to Alabama include the bobcat and puma. Both cats are formidable predators but lack black fur.

But wait, there is more !! Baskin thinks it could have been a black leopard or a cougar. Since Alabama has no laws prohibiting owning a cougar as a pet, it could have been a stray pet. Unfortunately, once these cats reach 100 pounds, people usually don’t want to care for them anymore, so let them go outside.

Although you cannot adopt a puma, you should visit local shelters to help lost animals.

“It could be an escaped cat. If it’s a black leopard, the leopard is the smartest of all cats. They’re the best escape artists, and once out they’re really hard to catch. But, most of the people who report cougar sightings here in Florida have actually seen bobcats. “

Carole Baskin quoted in CBS42

Without more sightings of the puma, Birmingham may never know if there was one on the streets of Crestwood. Remember to be on the lookout for black cats this fall.

Do you think this sighting is actually a black puma? Let us know @bhamnow. Don’t forget to share photos or videos of the big cat!


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