Rare sighting! tiger spotted in the Buxa reserve in West Bengal | India News


New Delhi: In one of the few sightings of West Bengal’s Buxa Forest in Alipurduar, the forestry department’s camera on Saturday captured a photo of what appears to be a Royal Bengal tiger. The fierce mammal was spotted on the 22 mile route at the junctions of 12 and 13 compartments.

Here is the rare unpublished photo!

According to the forestry department, the image was captured at 1 a.m. The animal’s mark resembled that of an adult Royal Bengal tiger and was found near a river deep in the forest, about 20 km from the road, he said.

Buxa Forest and Tiger Reserve, where tigers are said to be virtually extinct, the recent image has sparked a wave of happiness.

Forestry Minister Jyotipriyo Mallick said a team from the Kolkata forestry department would reach the area on Monday to examine the pugmarks and scrutinize the image.

According to Mallick, the state planned to bring 20 Assam tigers to Buxa, where the existence of big cats has not been spotted for the past two decades.

A tiger was last seen in Buxa Forest in 1998, then media claimed another sighting in 2010.

“We will set up a net over an area of ​​3 km / 3 km in the region (where the striped animal was trapped by camera) and each adult in families living nearby since 1938 will receive compensation from the Center to free the forest “Once the money sanctioned by the Center gets to us, we can persuade those encroaching on forest lands to leave,” he said.

The South Bengal Sunderbans are known to be a habitat for tigers with 95 big cats counted in the last census



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