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When recording deeds, the state of North Carolina does not require that the amount paid for a package be shown on the deed. However, a revenue stamp at the rate of $2 per $1,000 of value is affixed to each deed.

Recent property transfers recorded at the Surry County Deeds Registry Office include:

– Larry Dean Newman Jr. to Dwayne A. Venable, Shannon Leigh Ann Venable and Leann Venable; 9.11 acres Dobsonian; $96.

– Brandon E. Marshall to Miguel Angel Aceverdo; Mount Airy tract; $27.

– Polly Newman Jester to Joyce Atkinson; 14,822 acres PB 40 110 Bryan; $0.

– William Preston Harris and Mikayla Harris at Stanton York Harris; a 4,362 acre Bryan parcel; $0.

– Rodney C. Gunter and Kathy Gunter to Jason Gunter and Tracy Gunter; 1.08 acres tract a PB 23 87; $0.

– William Anderson Dezarn and Julie R. Dezarn to Joshua C. Hayden and Gabrielle Hayden; 6,007 acres PB 40 88 Siloam; $100.

– Brenda Owens McDaniel to Frances Annette Broadwell and Elizabeth Pell Broadwell; 22.60 acres tract one PB 6 58; $108.

– Barry Rook and Dawn Rook to Taylor Younger and Logan Younger; 6.11 acres tract an Eldora; $504.

– Sarah Elizabeth Redwine and Sarah O’Connor to Brian C. O’Connor; 10,451 acres Elkin; $0.

– William Thomas Marion and Danielle Whitaker Marion to Jonathan Ross Byrd; Rockford tract; $370.

– Carolyn Barnes Gentry, Billy James Gentry Jr., Sheila Barnes Harrison, Terry Harrison, Michael Ray Barnes, Linda Miller and Beverly Barnes Norman to Bradley Ray Barnes and Pamela Barns; 0.55 acre zone one and 0.56 acre zone two Marsh; $176.

– Estate of Hugh W. Hauser, Norris E. Hauser and Hugh W. Hauser to Rachel K. Hauser; Quitclaim 17 acres PB 1188 Estate of Hugh W. Hauser File 21 E 230 Forsyth; $0.

– Niki Dollyhite Stevens and John Junior Stevens to John Junior Garrett Stevens; 4,275 acres Westfield; $0.

– COC Real Estate Co., LLC to Standard Development Company, LLC; 0.80 acre parcel one and 0.91 acre parcel two PB 32 132 1304 West Pine St., 961 Old Hwy 601 Mount Airy; $1,400.

– Brkema, LLC to Peter Kimbell and Sherri Kimbell; 104.40 acres PB 10 23 Bryan; $470.

– Richard Lee Dillon and Hazel F. Dillon at IDR, LLC; Lot 8 Charles F. Smith Development PB 6 148 Stewarts Creek; $220.

– Virginia Violet Felts and Virginia Baldwin to Eddie Ray Davis; 27,894 square feet lot 13 Ray Killon Franklin property; $11.

– Ronald F. Moorefield and Patricia W. Moorefield to Michael David Semon and Lauren E. Woodward; 3.80 acres PB 39,113; $1,450.

– Estate of Patricia W. Ratcliff, Randy Reid Ratcliff, Richard Rondale Ratcliff and Patricia W. Ratcliff to Richard Rondale Ratcliff and Alisa Lynn Hudson; Lot 9 Section 4 Pine Lakes Development PB 7 38 Estate of Patricia W. Ratcliff File 21 E 1060 Stewarts Creek; $50.

– Dumitru Purcaru and Elena D. Purcaru to Cecil Glenn Tate and Lakeshia Michael Vasquez; Stewarts Creek area; $430

– Sonny L. Taylor and Kimberly Davis Taylor to Barker Eldon Taylor; 0.579 acres PB 40,124 Stewarts Creek; $0.

– The Roger M. Cramer Revocable Trust and Roger M. Cramer to Randy R. Gentry and Sylvia J. Gentry; condominium deed unit 6A Old Springs Condominiums bk 1 49-52 Mount Airy; $352.

– John Wesley Strickland Jr. to David L. Reeves and Kimberly H. Reeves; Mount Airy tracts; $206.

– Noelia Karina Valdez and Corey Valdez Caudill to Deavon Elizabeth Mauldin; 3 Mount Airy plots; $264.

– Sonny L. Taylor and Kimberly Davis Taylor to Arnold Robert Paul Noah and Jodi Nicole Patterson; lot one PB 10,100 and lot two 0.120 acres PB 40-124 Stewarts Creek; $240.

– Ronald Phillip Dockery and Geneva Eaton Dockery to Jerry Dean Newman and Donna S. Newman; deed of condominium unit 4-G Renfro Lofts Condominiums bk 1 150-176 and unit A parking lot PB 1 182-188 Mount Airy; $620.

– Byron Millington and Valeria Millington to Edward Daniel Ramsland, Danny Ramsland and Terry A. Ramsland; 0.647 acre PB 35,180 Elkin; $230.

– Gary Robert Golding and Brooke Golding to Gray Worthington Hunter and Abigail Golding Hunter; 23,994 acres PB 40,119 Franklin; $660.

– Edward Daniel Ramsland, Danny Ramsland and Terry A. Ramsland at Elkin Tobacco and Vape, Inc.; 0.647 acre PB 35,180 Elkin; $164.

– Shirley Jones Jenkins, Jesse Gene Jenkins, Samantha Taylor Jenkins and Samuel Casey Jenkins to Blaine M. Montgomery; 2.91 acre marsh; $80.

– Standard Development Company, LLC and Blake Smith at SE 1304 Mt. Airy, LLC; 0.80 acre PB 32,133; $1,700.

– Marie Libretti Peebles, Marie L. Finney and James S. Peebles at the North Carolina State Department of Transportation; NC 268 Marsh Highway Right-of-Way Deed; $18.

– Danielle Moore Wallace to James Patrick McDonald and Kelsey Marie McDonald; Lot 33 Ring Creek Subdivision PB 23 78 Stewarts Creek; $47.


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