Team Red scores victory in Arizona Football Spring scrimmage


TUCSON, AZ — Capping off their spring workouts with a fun scrimmage, Team Red, led by Lance Briggs, came away with a 24-21 victory for Arizona Football.

Returning to Tucson once again for Arizona Football’s annual spring game, former Wildcat Tedy Bruschi was once again in contention for a win as honorary Wildcats head coach; however, the red team, captained by Lance Briggs, came away with the narrow 24-21 victory.

On a day that reached 90º, fans were chilled on the sidelines with the ‘splatter zone’, but on the field, Arizona Football caused a stir as several players made their first official appearances as the Wildcats.

Leading the ‘Red Team,’ Washington State transfer Jayden de Laura started for the Wildcats, showing some of those flashes of genius he had with the Cougars last season. , as he seemed comfortable in coach Jedd Fisch’s offense.

A myriad of freshmen, including Noah Fifita, Tetairoa McMillan, AJ Jones, Jai-Ayviauynn Celestine, Keyan Burnett, and Jonah Coleman, among several others, were also making their debuts.

On the other hand, Jordan McCloud made a reappearance for the ‘Blue Team’, as the former USF transferee returned from the horrific leg injury he suffered last season.

McCloud opened the game with an impressive drive that resulted in seven points after joining Burnett in the end zone to make it 7-0 to Blue Team early in Saturday’s action in Arizona.

But overall, it was a successful day for Arizona Football, as the Wildcats looked like a vastly improved group from last season.

On a day when valuable reps and roster competition are far more important than recording who won or lost, it was a big day for Fisch and the Wildcats.

This is a group who are only months away from a season in which they won only one game; however, there seems to be a pretty buzz around the Wildcats.

Arizona brought in several new faces on offense and defense, and overall the level of talent was enormously high. But beyond that, the Wildcats escaped the day fairly unscathed injury-wise, and this team has some good fundamentals to build on in 2022.

So where do the Wildcats go from here?

Well, Spring Football may be officially over for the Cats; however, this does not mean that labor suddenly stops. Now comes an important time for Arizona Football, where the Wildcats will need to return to the weight room and begin preparing for the 2022 season.

But in the meantime, the temperature seems to be rising steadily for Arizona Football, and I’m not talking about the weather!


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