The Driver Spots the Big Cat ‘Lynx’ by Uley Woods


A WOMAN described seeing a lynx in Uley Woods on Friday evening.

Kasia from Nailsworth was returning home from work around 10:20 p.m.

She passed the Crown pub in Uley then came to the bottom of Crawley Hill where there is a sharp bend.

About 5 meters away, she made the observation.

She said: “I was driving through the woods in Uley and saw an animal prowling just off the road.

“I couldn’t figure out what it was.

“I saw big padded hind legs and a short, upturned tail.

“The hind legs were clearly longer, so he was moving in a way that no other animal I’ve seen would move.

“I was mesmerized and slowed down, almost stopping.

“When he finally crossed the road, I could clearly see the cat’s face and fluffy ears.

“It was the size of an average dog, bigger and much stockier than a house cat.

“Its legs were padded and thick. It moved in a very specific way, because the hind legs were longer.

“And there was a softness to the way he moved – which made me think he must have been young – in the way young dogs and cats are more ‘bouncy’ in the way they move than adults. .”

“I was stunned, I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Commenting on the sighting, Gloucestershire big cat expert Frank Tunbridge said: “From the description they gave it looks a lot like a lynx or a bobcat, they’re both from the same family.

“We know there are lynx there – I’m tracking a lynx site right now in the Forest of Dean.

“Lynxes are very discreet animals, we see them more rarely than other big cats.

“A few years ago Wotton District Councilor Ken Tucker saw a lynx type animal crossing the road, further down the road at Coaley Peak, crossing the road. So it’s all connected.

“At this time of year in particular, large carnivores like the lynx are entering a mating period and so they come out looking for mates and are more active, and you’re more likely to see them now.”


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