The latest UFO reports from New Bedford, Dartmouth and Fall River


Once again UFOs are in the headlines, and I’m not just talking about the last five minutes of your local newscast, when the presenters talk about a farmer living in a remote area of ​​town who claims aliens went down and took away one of his cows.

No, UFOs are on the mainstream cable news networks, in all the major newspapers, and most importantly, they are in the skies over the south coast.

The sun The newspaper published an article this week about the 1,574 pages of documents it received from the Pentagon as part of a Freedom of Information Act request, after it requested in 2017 all “files, reports or video files” related to the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, or AATIP.

Documents collected suggest that those who encountered UFOs suffered physical and biological effects such as radiation, brain damage and even “unexplained pregnancy”.

Given the public reaction to the Department of National Intelligence report released last year acknowledging that there are things in the sky that the government or the military cannot explain, it seems that UFOs are becoming a part more accepted by society.

This is good news here on the south coast, as we have had many UFO sightings here over the years. We’ve already told you about the UFOs that frequently flew around Round Hill in Dartmouth, for example.

Of course, there is a lot of air traffic in our area, whether from New Bedford Regional Airport, Logan International in Boston, TF Green in Warwick or smaller airports like Plymouth. However, savvy skywatchers are taught to tell the difference between a man-made craft and something that might be from another world.

Check out our latest list of the most recent UFO sightings on the South Coast, as reported to the National UFO Reporting Center.

LOOK UP: Recent UFO sightings on the south coast

There are often things that cannot be explained in the skies over the south coast. The National UFO Reporting Center maintains a database of all unidentified flying object reports that are submitted by those who see them, and you can see how often they appear right above our own heads.

Paranormal Activity Reported in Massachusetts’ Bridgewater Triangle

In his 1983 book mysterious america, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman introduced a term he coined in the late 1970s – the Bridgewater Triangle – to describe an area with an abnormal level of paranormal activity and high weirdness in southeastern Massachusetts. Over the years, the concept of the Triangle has expanded to include ghostly reports, UFO sightings, cryptic encounters, alien abductions and more across a wider swath of southern New England.


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