The weirdest unsolved mysteries in and around Birmingham – from UFOs to ‘goat men’


Imagine the scene. It’s late at night and you’re driving on a Midlands road in almost pitch-black conditions, surrounded only by trees and the rolling fields of the countryside.

Then, without warning, something emerges from the darkness by the side of the road – a mysterious creature that can only be described as “a large hind-legged goat-man”. The character crosses the road in front of you before disappearing into the shadows.

This is just one of many inexplicable and bizarre sightings in the Midlands that have remained a mystery to this day. As well as creepy “goat-man” creatures, locals have reported strange orbs in the sky, unexplained “sonic boom” sounds and felines in the forest – all of which remain unexplained despite many theories being put forward. .

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With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of the weirdest unsolved mysteries in and around Birmingham.

The case of the Droitwich woman ‘disappearing from her bed’

A woman, who claims to have been abducted, appears to disappear from her bed on video

One night in 2010, a Midlands woman allegedly disappeared from her bed without explanation – only to suddenly reappear minutes later. The stunning moment was apparently caught before the video was shared by UFO hunters, who insist it is “a real hoax and not a deliberate hoax”.

The chilling footage, captured via an infrared camera in the bedroom, appears to show the woman asleep under the covers at around 3.30am before she suddenly began to arch her back. The bedspreads then suddenly fold inwards and become “impossibly flat”, as if the woman had inexplicably disappeared from the bed.

After about 13 minutes, the bedspreads suddenly lift into the air and when they fall back, the wife is back in bed next to her husband. Explain it, if you can.

The late-night “sonic boom” sounds in Sutton Coldfield

Strange noises were heard across Sutton Coldfield on the night of March 19, 2022
Strange noises were heard across Sutton Coldfield on the night of March 19, 2022

Strange noises across Sutton Coldfield and beyond – compared to the sounds of “sonic boom” and “thunder” – have recently been reported by bewildered residents. The strange noises were heard by dozens of people in the northern suburbs of Birmingham around 10 p.m. on Saturday March 20)

Possible explanations offered on social media include sonic booms of military aircraft flying overhead, especially as B-52 bombers and other warplanes were using Fairford Air Force Base, south of Birmingham. Another thinks it might be related to ongoing HS2 work. Other explanations include a bird scarer used by a local farmer and fireworks.

Despite the theories, the origin of the noises remains a mystery.

The stories of Bigfoot and cougars in Cannock Chase

Cannock Chase

Since the 1800s, visitors to Cannock Chase have claimed to have spotted the legendary Bigfoot in its trees. More recently, in November 2021, a Youtuber claimed to have filmed the “shape of Bigfoot” while hiking in the Staffordshire forest.

Last year a historian said the possibility Bigfoot existed in the Midlands was unlikely – but went on to claim he had personally seen big cats at the beauty spot. Richard Pursehouse told Black Country Live: “There have been lots of sightings of various things – but Bigfoot, that’s a step too far.

“It’s not a big enough area. I’ve seen a big cat, twice, but I imagine it’s dead now. Asked about his big cat sightings, Mr Pursehouse said: ‘It’ was a cougar, an all-black cougar. It was about 12 years ago. They can live for 30 odd years.”

Whether a mysterious creature actually lives in the forest remains to be proven with certainty, however.

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The strange orbs in the sky of Birmingham and the Black Country

Photos of UFO sightings
Photos of UFO sightings

In 2019 strange ‘orbs’ were seen over Birmingham and the Black Country over the course of a week. Footage taken at Sparkhill and later an area of ​​Wolverhampton showed circular objects traveling across the sky

A witness said: “I was sitting in my car, I looked out the window and I saw this strange orange ball in the sky. I was shocked to see something like that because I didn’t see it. had never seen before.

“It was coming down and then it went sideways. At this point it started to look bright orange and went through the cloud. I thought it was very strange because it’s not something you expect to see in the sky.”

The “6-foot-man-goat”

A bizarre creature described as "a big goat on hind legs, but very stocky" was seen crossing this country road in the Midlands with some asking if it could be a sasquatch or a wild wallaby
A bizarre creature described as ‘a big goat-man on the hind legs, but really stocky’ has been seen crossing this country road in the Midlands, with some asking if it could be a sasquatch or a wallaby Savage

In February, a driver reported seeing a mysterious creature described as “a large hind-legged goat-man” crossing a Midlands road late at night. The bizarre sighting happened on the A425 between Upper Shuckburgh, Warwickshire, and Staverton, Northamptonshire, in the early hours of February 20, and sparked online debate about what it could have been.

NorthantsLive reports that the reports first came to light on Mumsnet, where a forum user called GallopingHighRoad discussed his encounter with the unknown animal. He dismissed any suggestion that it might be a Sasquatch or a Slender Man, saying, “These things don’t exist.”

He continued: “He was about the height of a person, maybe 6ft or more, but had short, powerful legs and hips that seemed to move in a circular, fluid fashion. It wasn’t a deer because it stood on two legs.” Despite a number of theories put forward, the sighting remains a mystery.

The strange pink glow of Malvern

The glow sparked several theories online
The glow sparked several theories online

Many Malvern residents were left baffled earlier this year after a strange pink glow mysteriously appeared in the night sky. Photos taken by locals showed the startlingly pink phenomenon over the Worcestershire town shortly after midnight on Wednesday February 2.

An eyewitness said he saw the unusual sight starting at 1 a.m. and that it stayed in the sky for about 45 minutes before disappearing. The spooky glow has sparked several theories on social media, ranging from alien visitations to nearby farms that use ultraviolet light to grow tomatoes.

Suggestions that it was actually an aurora, similar to those seen near the North Pole, have been dismissed by the Met Office. The cause of the extraordinary sight has not been established.

The Spirit of Pershore House by Toyah Wilcocx

TV ghost hunter Barri Ghai in Pershore during spooky watch
TV ghost hunter Barri Ghai in Pershore during spooky watch

TV Ghostbuster Barri Ghai was apparently filmed being ‘strangled’ by an evil spirit in pop icon Toyah Willcox’s Worcestershire attic. Paranormal expert Ghai said he was left “breathless” by a ghoul after venturing into the singer’s historic 1980s Pershore home during Celebrity’s new series Help! My house is haunted.

The team were trying to speak with a ghost named “George”, who they believed to be a soldier from the English Civil War in the 1600s. Willcox signed up for the show after experiencing “persistent paranormal activity” since that she moved to the pretty town of Worcestershire 20 years ago.

Ghai said, “Something just grabbed my trachea. F**king scared me. I couldn’t breathe, that’s what scared me.”


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