Three sightings of a ‘big cat’ near Colwyn Bay


A COUPLE reported spotting a ‘big black cat’ which they believe could have been a ‘cougar’ – one of three such sightings in Colwyn Bay.

The couple saw the creature cross the road as they drove through Colwyn Heights.

The meeting took place around 3:45 p.m. on Wednesday, February 2.

Colwyn Heights is located at the top of a steep hill and separated from the rest of the city by Pwllycrochan Woods.

The couple reported the sighting to Puma Watch North Wales, the group set up to document and document such encounters in the region.

They told Puma Watch: “We were traveling up high in Colwyn Bay to pick up an item we had just purchased and as we were climbing higher a large black cat the same size as a Labrador ran past we.

“Me and my husband saw it.

“He had a big black tail and crossed the road like a cat.”

Tony Jones, founder of Puma Watch, said after reporting the sighting that he had received reports from several people claiming to have seen a black cat in the area.

Tony said: “We have shared a report of a ‘big black cat’ believed to be a mountain lion crossing the road in Colwyn Heights.

“Following this coverage, we received two more reports of sightings from the local community. They both happened a few years ago, but the witnesses were unaware they could report their sightings until they see this week’s cover.

In a report, Peter Owens said he was driving with his son on the Old Highway Road, which runs through the hills of Colwyn Bay, through Colwyn Heights to Mochdre, when he knocked over a ‘large black animal’ – who immediately got up. and jumped over “an eight foot wall” near Rydal Penrhos School.

Cat watching in Colwyn Heights. Image: Puma Watch North Wales

Peter told Puma Watch: “My son and I were driving back along the old highway around 9 p.m. when I ran straight into a big black animal. (both wheels passenger side)

“I said to my son ‘wtf that was it’ when I was doing 30mph and didn’t even have time to slow down but he got up and jumped over an 8ft wall right after Rydal’s collage.

“It was a few years ago, but it was just before Christmas.”

Peter added that he thought it happened in 2018 but couldn’t be sure.

Tony said a third report was also written.

He said: “Vince contacted us to report an encounter he had around 11am one morning in April 2016. He saw a ‘big black cat’ which he thought might have been a cougar in the woods near Mochdre Road, a lane less than a mile from the other two sightings, which winds up the hill to Bryn-Y-Maen and Colwyn Heights from the village of Mochdre.”

The witness told Puma Watch: ‘Pushing my bike up Mochdre Rd, through the woods, when what looked like a big black cat, walked over the edge, looked at me, then disappeared into the woods.

“I could tell by the way he moved, definitely a big cat. I didn’t linger, I went back down the hill.

All three sightings have been added to the Puma Watch interactive map.

Tony added: Although this week’s reports are the first three we have received from Colwyn Bay, we have had several reports of similar animals within a few miles over the past year. Additionally, a footbridge in the Nant-y-Glyn Valley, which runs along the southeast border of Colwyn Heights, is known locally as the “Puma Bridge”.

“In May 2021, a ‘massive black cat’ left two pet cats ‘terrified’ to leave their home in Pentrefelin, a small village less than three miles from Colwyn Heights.

“In July 2021, dog walkers again reported a ‘huge black cat’ on the Little Orme near Llandudno, again just three miles from Colwyn Bay. Witnesses said the animal had ‘a glow in the eye” and also sent an image of an animal carcass found at the scene.

“The same month, a woman living in Conwy phoned the police after seeing a ‘black panther’ on her garden fence.”

Big cats such as cougars are solitary with a hunting radius of tens of miles. They are mostly spotted in Snowdonia and the Clwydian Hills, but reports of sightings in urban areas some distance from these areas are becoming more common.

“Last month we shared a report of a big cat in Leamington Spa. As we focus on North Wales and surrounding areas, we often receive reports from further afield and have shared sightings of as far away as Scotland and Cornwall.”


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