Tigers no longer shine in our night forests


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With shrinking habitats due to logging, tigers are prowling closer to humans

Tigers threaten another Orang Asli school in Gua Musang

Kelantan denies logging over mutilation of tigers in Orang Asli village

Durian_Lazat: Continued deforestation is a national disaster. It’s already more than bad enough.

Malaysia is home to one of the oldest and most biodiverse forests in the world, but we have almost destroyed this priceless heritage for short-term gain.

The value of logging and plantations is a peanut compared to the sustainable resources of retaining and filtering vital water, producing regular rain, reducing carbon dioxide, health, a healthy and balanced ecological cycle, medicinal herbs and, not to mention, ecotourism.

Who wants to visit palm groves or logging sites? Who will come to Malaysia for their mist? Who wants a future with dirty water and no wildlife?

OrangeKite6045: There are so few of these beautiful animals left in Malaysia. But as usual, human greed and lack of education come first.

For a few extra ringgits, the species is almost certainly near extinction along with most of the forests it lives in.

The Observer: Did the Kelantan menteri besar really say that it would continue to cut down the forests if the state did not collect its oil royalties? Seriously?

Maya: Countries with large populations carry out massive programs.

Our neighbor Thailand is doing a fantastic job. Indonesia has a plan in place to save Sumatran tigers by working with the Wild Cats Conservation Centre. India also has a program to save its big cats like Bengal tigers, cheetahs and Indian leopards.

Why is Malaysia failing? We cannot even save humans in a disaster like floods.

Upper gun: At the rate tigers are being killed, soon we will only see tigers in the zoo or in storybooks.

Destroying their natural habitat through greed and economic activities, tigers are forced to venture out in search of food near the human population.

While other countries dutifully protect their endangered wildlife species, we cull them at the best convenience instead of trying to relocate them.

By losing two tigers a year in less than a century, history will repeat itself when one day we search for tiger fossils as we do now with dinosaur fossils.

Old person: If three or four tigers encroach on a village, it means they have no more food to hunt in the forest. This means that the forest has slowly disappeared.

So why is there no food or forest for tigers? Are we really doing our job of monitoring illegal poachers?

KK Semenyih: What is the reason? The loss of forests due to logging contributes directly to the loss of hunting grounds.

Thus, we force these animals out of their natural habitat to look for food. We encroached on their habitat and destroyed it.

Stop logging activities immediately and stop destroying their habitat immediately if we really want to save these beautiful animals. Otherwise, our future generation will only see Malayan tigers on posters.

Caspar C: Please exercise caution and caution. It’s a rare sighting but two things come to mind – the tiger may be a juvenile or injured for hunting so close to human habitat.

The creature must be moved as soon as possible. It is best to evacuate the school and shut it down for a while.

FairMalaysian: Ramli Mohd Nor, MP for Cameron Highlands and the first Orang Asli parliamentarian, had campaigned as a champion of Orang Asli rights.

Will he sit down with the PAS-led Kelantan government to discuss ways to prevent the logging activities that have disrupted the lives of the Orang Asli?

Talking is easy, please show what you can do for the Orang Asli in Kelantan.

Anonymous 1092837465: Tigers threatening humans? What joke. Was it not humans who deprived them of their rights to their habitat?

It’s only a pity that the Orang Asli have to bear the weight.

GrayDove8171: Let’s be clear: tigers are not a threat to humans. Humans are a threat to tigers.

We have destroyed their habitat, which has also reduced the number of their natural prey. So we cry foul when they roam near us looking for food.

We have built communities close to their habitat. Then we cry in fear when we see them wandering nearby. What logic is that?

Do not buy frogs: Human beings are the most dangerous species on earth because they are evil, greedy, corrupt and have no morals.

Especially our corrupt ‘politikus’.

PurpleTrout9039: To survive, Malaysian tigers will have no choice but to change their diet.

Instead of approaching human settlements in search of food, they should learn to eat the durians that abound in the jungle, or perhaps the oil palms in the plantations.

Once in a while, they can eat meat when they come across a politician.

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