Video of congressmen pointing out UFOs looks like cats ‘chasing lasers’


The first congressional public hearing into UFO sightings in more than 50 years began Tuesday, May 17, where officials will share their testimony regarding inexplicable “sightings” over the years.

The last hearing was held in 1966 by Republican Congressman Gerald Ford, following a UFO sighting in Michigan spotted by more than 40 people.

As compelling as this highly anticipated event sounds, social media quickly turned its attention to two members of Congress struggling to stop at the exact moment a UFO passed.

The clip shows the pair brawling around the monitor, pointing to different parts of the screen and different images. To make matters more awkward, they seemed to have a technology problem – apparently due to a dated laptop they were using.

Twitter compared them to cats chasing lasers, while other confused users spoke on behalf of the nation: “What were they trying to show us?”

Fortunately, one user managed to save the day and pause the exact frame on the unidentifiable object.

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The images opened the floodgates to criticism, with one Twitter user saying: “I’m pretty sure most modern media players allow you to browse images with arrow keys or something lol.

Another said: ‘Again… lawmakers over 35 shouldn’t be allowed to ask questions in big tech hearings and I guess now they’re using tech TOO.’

“Scott Bray is highly respected and capable,” said another. “But hopefully we don’t just get videos like the ones we just showed. There are much better ones. Members of Congress have seen.”

While a finale added, “Scott Bray doesn’t seem well prepared for this and certainly isn’t credible to the people who have researched and studied all of this.”

The hearing is held within the Intelligence, Counterterrorism, Counterintelligence and Counterproliferation Subcommittee. Ronald Moultrie, the Pentagon’s top intelligence official, and Scott Bray, the deputy director of naval intelligence, will discuss US efforts to investigate Unexplained Aerial Phenomena (UAP), the government term for UFOs.

“The American people expect and deserve their leaders in government and intelligence to seriously assess and respond to any potential national security risks, especially those that we do not fully understand,” Representative Andre Carson said.

After the public hearing, the commission will hold a private session with the legislators.

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