Video Of Hippo Chasing 3 Lions Goes Viral; ‘incredible sighting’ say netizens


A lion is considered one of the most powerful animals and is called the “king of the jungle”. We don’t mess with the “king”, but what if the king is kicked out? Currently, a viral video making the rounds on the internet shows three lions attempting to cross a river at the weir in Botswana’s Selinda Game Reserve when they were intercepted by an angry hippo. The video has been raging on the internet since it was shared.

The viral video shows three lions crossing the river with a fourth lion clinging to the bank, ostensibly waiting to see if it was safe to cross. Meanwhile, a giant hippopotamus was then seen immediately charging at the trio and attacking one of them in the water in an apparent show of strength and territorial dominance. The video was shared by Great Plains Conservation on YouTube and called the incident “an unforgettable moment”.

Sharing the video, Great Plains Conservation wrote: “The territorial monster moved swiftly to hunt the lions, and an incredible interaction between the big cats and the mega mammal unfolded right under our lucky guests’ noses. Thankfully, everyone involved made it out unscathed.

Hippos considered among Africa’s deadliest animals

For a long time, hippos have been considered Africa’s deadliest animal. Hippos are known to be aggressive towards humans, including overturning boats. It kills around 500 people a year in Africa.

Meanwhile, the viral video gained traction on the internet and garnered several views and likes. This prompted netizens to speak out. “Such an amazing sighting,” wrote one user. Another user wrote: “Ops! Unbelievable “.

(Picture: Unsplash)


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