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The authorities of the Tarn department have confirmed that an “incident” involving wolves occurred last Sunday at the Trois Vallées zoo. Nine wolves managed to break free while the park was open to visitors.

Medics had to shoot four and anesthetize five while the public was immediately evacuated.

Fabien Chollet, secretary general of the prefecture of the department, told AFP: “There was an incident with a pack of wolves with abnormal behavior.

“The owner had to kill four wolves and called in state services to anesthetize the other five.

“There were not many people in the zoo, and at no time were the public in immediate danger.”

However, the zoo has been officially closed this Thursday for several weeks and will not reopen until mid-January.

Mr Chollet said the closure was necessary “until security conditions return to normal”.

Sauveur Ferrara, the owner of the park, said in a statement that the wolves involved in the incident had just arrived in the park and escaped “after destroying the safety hatches”.

He said: “Nine wolves came out of their night enclosure where they were locked up for observation before we decided to release them to their vast daytime park.

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This animal park covers more than 60 hectares and is home to 600 animals of 70 species, including felines.

It had already been struck in October 2020 by an administrative closure measure, by ministerial decree, due to “major shortcomings” endangering the safety of animals, staff and visitors.

The park’s website now claims that “due to urgent works, the zoo is closed from December 23 to mid-January 2022”.


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