Woman suffers ‘panic attacks’ after spotting big cat in Wales


A woman says she suffers ‘panic attacks’ every time she returns to a part of Wales where she has once seen a ‘big cat’.

The woman, known as Mollie, was camping overnight with her boyfriend when she saw the animal, according to a group of big cats online. During the night the couple reportedly heard a growl ‘like we had never heard before’ and when they went to look for the source of the noise with a torch they found ‘a big black cat with glowing eyes’ staring at them , reports North Wales Live.

Mollie told Puma Watch: “I went fishing with my ex-boyfriend and we decided to stay for the night. Around 11/11:15 p.m. we heard this growl. Nothing we’ve ever heard before. He went out from the tent to investigate with his flashlight and shined it on what looked like a big black cat with glowing eyes.

“We ran to the main cabin hoping someone had left it open (it hadn’t). He called the police and they came down to the fishery and even cut the chain on the door so we could leave. They investigated but found nothing but I know it was real. We never returned and to this day I refuse to go to that area, when I do it causes panic attacks.

It happened at Commonwood Fishery between Holt and Wrexham with her boyfriend when she saw the animal, according to Puma Watch North Wales.

Puma Watch North Wales says it has received several other reports of big cats in the area, including one in Wrexham alongside this one from November 2018.

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