Xiaomi presents Loop LiquidCool technology, promises to double the cooling efficiency of steam chambers



While this looks good for chipsets that suffer from overheating under heavy workload, it would be nice to have well-optimized operating system software as well. I remembered trying both Mi A3 and Redmi Note 9, and the difference between the two in terms of memory optimization is completely night and day. This is why I am never enthusiastic about the custom UI, because software optimization can be a hit or miss.


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Long live Xiaomi !!!!


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Anonymous, 06 Nov 2021Oh well, take the Mi 8 designed in 2017 as a benchmark. The following Mi 8 and Poco F1 had … moreMi8 is 2018. 6 months later than iPhone X.

The front design is exactly the same.
The rear design is exactly the same.
Even with LED flash between cameras, just like iphone.

Weird. The greatest copy movement ever.


Kangal, 15 hours agoPlastic is a better insulator than glass, or worse for heat dissipation. However, to their belief … moreI see, so there is so much difference in thickness that it makes the conductivity of glass 5 times higher compared to plastic unimportant. Doesn’t the addition of an aluminum frame make up for that either?

Throttling does not occur due to short bursts, but prolonged loads like gaming, 4k 60 recording, etc. The efficiency is not sufficient to keep up with the heat transfer. It is either the manufacturers who choose to do this, or the customers who complain about dropped frames in games. And it’s not like the phones are always hot, only when the process calls for it. Even then, Samsung and Apple are pretty conservative in terms of thermals compared to Chinese brands. The hot phone being bad for performance and user experience depends on who you ask. If adding 5-6 degrees to an already 40c phone makes it work without framedrops, I would take it. It really improves the “user experience” for me. The degraded battery can still be changed every two years, for now.


Mediatek sux, 17 hours agoHow exactly does the plastic used in older phones have better thermals than glass and metal … morePlastic is a better insulator than glass, or worse for heat dissipation.
However, to their credit, older devices had thinner plastic backplates. Think of the Samsung S2 for example, they were like this for easy battery removal.

The glass backplates are actually thicker. These are necessarily thicker because the glass itself is a very fragile element, especially when it is over a larger area like current phones. In addition, these thick glass backplates make the phone heavier. As a concept, consider drinking hot tea from two mugs: one is a thick-walled glass mug and the other is a thin plastic mug. Now which of these mugs will hold the heat longer? You see, thickness is important.

Metal (i.e. aluminum) is the best option, as I said. But while newer processors may use more power, they are made with short burst models and are very efficient. Older processors had to be much more careful with power consumption, as they were printed in 2D lithography, like 20nm, 28nm, 32nm, 45nm, and 65nm. Compared to 3D nodes (or FinFet) going from the milestone in 16nm, to 12nm, 10nm, 7nm, 5nm.

So it’s pretty appalling to see phones start to heat up and slow down, if early smartphones were able to handle this better it means newer / more advanced phones CHOOSE to do it by design. Remember that a hot phone is bad for performance, user experience, and also bad for lithium battery chemistry. But it does ensure people upgrade sooner / more often, which is great for OEMs looking to maximize their profits, planned obselection and everything in between.


Anonymous, 18 hours agoXiaomi’s fanboyism on this website is horrible 🤮 Xiaomi self-proclaims things and the … moreThis is absolutely not true. How could a company “invent” a particular level of power? When has Xiaomi ever stolen the patents of other companies and claimed them as their own?


Kangal, 06 Nov 2021If anyone is curious, it’s real. It is not a fake or a gimmick. This is called a ThermoSiphon … more865 actually had lower power consumption than 855,845, 835, and 820. I don’t understand why you put it there with the 888.


LORD, 18 hours agoI would still say that Google should NEVER have sold Motorola to Lenovo. I mean, how the … moreWell man I understand you’ve had a lot of Motorola phones and all of them were awesome.
Even today, motorola has lost its spark of the past, but the pure Android experience and still retains something unique that only motorola is worth buying.


Kangal, 06 Nov 2021This is not true. The MS Lumia 950XL uses a heat pipe. The water heats up due to the process … moreHow exactly did the plastic used in older phones have better thermals than modern glass and metal phones? And now they even have a larger area. Those of the aluminum rear panel, of course. The main reason for the limitation is the increase in maximum power consumption under load. Notebookcheck does a power consumption test under maximum load in its reviews, for example look at the reviews of the galaxy series.


Anonymous, 18 hours agoXiaomi’s fanboyism on this website is horrible 🤮 Xiaomi self-proclaims things and the … moreMan, you are funny.
The VOOC charger was invented by someone else. Xiaomi has just helped popularize.
As Apple helped popularize Notch which was first seen on Sharp devices six months before Apple X.


Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021The game doesn’t even run at 120 fps. Why do you need 144? The Chinese pubgm has 120. And many other small games have 120 as well. Now ios has 120 genshin on ipad pro. It is only a matter of time before 120 reaches 144 or more. I was kidding anyway, you don’t need it for pubgm. How many pros even play it? For everything else, like emulators, any cheap gamepad is much better than two shoulder buttons on any gaming phone.


CptPower, 20 hours agoMan, you are funny. When it comes to imitators. Motorola invented the very first cell phone in … moreI would still say that Google should NEVER have sold Motorola to Lenovo. I mean, how could they? Such an iconic brand, with a lot of historical significance, and their beautiful designs since the days of multifunction phones. Until they were sold about seven years ago, they were making pretty designs and experimenting with different kinds of materials and technologies, etc., but after the change of ownership they now seem to be falling apart. Their phones have gotten pretty boring lately, and they’ve only been throwing phones every week since.


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CptPower, 20 hours agoMan, everyone copies these days, but only one company is inventing. Like xiaomi here invented and patented. Xiaomi’s fanboyism on this site is horrible 🤮

Xiaomi self-proclaims things and then pays to patent. A non-legitimate patent. Oppo invented 120W, then Xiaomi copied the idea, then simply claimed that it was the first phone in the world to use it.


Anonymous, 06 Nov 2021this is xiaomi these are the imitators, lolMan, you are funny.
When it comes to imitators.
The very first cell phone was invented by Motorola in 1973. Since then all brands have been copiers.
Apple, Sony, Samsung, Nokia, Lenovo, Xiami, Realle, Oppo, Vivo etc.
Motorola was the first to invent a cell phone and without it no other mobile technology was possible, regardless of the brand.
& like Kenbak-1 was the very first home computer invented by John V. Blankenbaker and his Kenbak Corporation.
Computers like Apple 1, Vega, Commodore, Altair, Atari, Amiga, ZX Spectrum, Sinclair etc. came later and were therefore also copies.


Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021Or stolen. Remember that Samsung announced the ugly screen hole in November 2018 (oled only), … moreMan, everyone copies these days, but only one company is inventing.
Like xiaomi here invented and patented.


Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021Are you talking about the liquid cooling used by Lumia 950 in 2015? Many companies (many … moreMan and serious.
Lover’s Price If these so-called big companies really wanted it, they would give work to their own employees.
100 to 200 years ago, it was quite possible. Today, all major companies carry the I AM MADE IN CHINA seal.


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AnonF-1024704, 05 Nov 2021angry BirdsPart 2😂


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JustSomeRandomGuy, 06 Nov 2021here is another clueless person telling nonsense “Almost nobody uses the should … moreNo need to explain the gaming phones to them. They’re Temple Run players, at most.


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Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021I think you are the same guy who claims that mobile games are superior to console or PC. I can’t even … More“I think you’re the same guy who claims mobile games are superior to console”

No, I am not that person to make such claims. Consoles are better. And rather get an acc first


Anonymous, 05 Nov 2021PUBG: New state arriving November 11 on Android and iOS Idc pubg is always zero


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