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Big Cat Monitors is a website dedicated to proving the existence of wild big cats in the United Kingdom. Many people from all walks of life have witnessed large black and brown big cats roaming the British countryside.
Of major interest is the involvement of police wildlife officers, who are called out to investigate sightings and reports of big cats. Their evidence and testimony is of great importance in proving the existence of these creatures. There have been a number of cases where wild life officers have actually obtained paw marks, which have been verified as coming from big cats.
The reason for the existence of big cats in the UK is the result of people keeping these big cats as exotic pets. When the 1976 dangerous wild animals act was brought in, many people could not meet the demands of the act, either due to the expense or lack of secure enclosures or public reaction to dangerous animals being kept as pets close to their homes. So consequently most of the big cats were released into to the wild illegally.
The government needs to take this problem seriously before the public is put at risk. So our aim is to urge the government to take steps to ascertain how many big cats are out there and to take steps to educate people to the dangers if they come across a big cat. I need the publics help in obtaining information in the form of video, photographs and physical evidence such as fur samples, paw marks and animal kills.




Please note if you have any video footage of a big cat please send it in.
We can analyze the footage using sophisticated equipment.
Video footage will be sent back if required.
Discretion assured.



























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